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At a meeting in a hackerspace in Amsterdam, business partners and friends Wienke Giezeman and Johan Stokking encountered the Long Range Wide Area Network, or LoRaWAN technology, for the first time. This technology makes it possible to connect 10,000 devices within a radius of approximately six miles of each other as an “Internet of Things” network, in which sensors with low battery usage are able to operate.

“We saw how this technology offered the potential to build a decentralized Internet of Things data network,” Giezeman said. “At the end of the presentation, we invited the attendees to come over for a brainstorm on how to realize this, scheduled in our office the next morning.” In a day’s time the idea to build an Internet of Things for Amsterdam was born. Stokking booted up his computer to write the software code and Wienke contacted 10 companies, ranging from startups like Peerby to corporations like KPMG and Deloitte, as well as the Port of Amsterdam, to ask them if they would be willing to buy a router and place it on the roof of their office buildings.

Added October 11, 2019